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Turbelle® controller

An unbeatable team - Turbelle®pumps with electronic motor + Turbelle® controller - they can reproduce real reef currents in your tank. TUNZE® controller concentrate on the fundamentals. The following flow patterns can be produced in the aquarium very easily:

Wave simulation ("Pulse only") 7092 / 7095 / 7096
By setting the maximum and minimum outputs as well as the pulse duration, high and low water velocities can be produced generating a natural wash of waves under a one-metre water column.

Simulation of tidal currents (“Interval”) 7095 / 7096
The pump channels are switched on or off alternately. The water flows through the reef
from both sides at an adjustable switching time from 1 minute up to 12 hours.

Sequential pump circuit ("Sequential") 7095 / 7096
The Turbelle® pumps are started sequentially, which permits the generation of a swelling current.

Random flow ("Sequential") 7095 / 7096
Random flow is generated by wave simulation and sequential pump operation. For quite a number of special reef zones (surf) this combination may produce an interesting water movement.

Oscillating current with Wavebox or Turbelle® pumps 7092 / 7096.
In Multicontroller 7092 and 7096, the pump channels can be used as a Wavecontroller for the direct or alternating operation of the Wavebox or the Turbelle® pumps. This function comprises the automatic search of the resonance frequency, which can be combined with wash of waves or high and low tide simulation.

Feeding operation (Foodtimer) 7092 / 7095 / 7096
In all Turbelle® controllers, the pumps can be stopped completely by the push of a button to enable feeding. After about one to fifteen minutes (adjustable), a restart is carried out automatically.

Moon-phase simulation ("Moonlight") 7095 / 7096
Multicontroller 7095 and 7096 contain a moon-phase simulation function with LED light and adjustable 29-day moon phase.

Operation in night mode ("Night mode") 7092 / 7095 / 7096
In all Turbelle® controllers, a photo-electric cell is used to reduce the performance of the Turbelle® pumps at night. As in a reef, small animals and plankton can rise in the aquarium completing the natural cycle of diurnal and nocturnal animals occupying the habitat.

Storm for desedimentation ("Storm cycle") 7096
Like in nature, sediment should be removed from a reef aquarium in regular intervals. This function can be programmed in Multicontroller 7096 to be carried out automatically; the pumps connected are controlled on the basis of an efficient and precise rhythm.



TUNZE® Multicontroller 7095 is a digital control unit for all Turbelle® pumps with Driver 7240.26 / 7240.27 or electronic motor. The unit simulates the different marine flow conditions in the aquarium. By means of the Pump Adapter 7094.40, Turbelle® classic 2002 and 4002 can also be controlled. Multicontroller 7095 contains an LED moonlight with a 29-day moon phase and can control up to eight Turbelle®. The clearly arranged operating panel with a waterproof membrane keypad and adjusting knobs ensures a precise and practice-oriented operation. The output of the controlled pumps is shown by an LED display indicating from 30 to 100 per cent. All pump connections are located on the lower side of the unit.
In case of a power failure, the various settings remain saved; after the power interruption, the Multicontroller continues to operate with the program.
Delivery with four connecting cables 7092.30 and a photo-electric cell. Up to four Turbelle® pumps and up to eight using the Y Adapter 7092.34 produce a near-nature flow control.
Dimensions: L100 x W40 x H195mm (L3.9 x W1.6 x H7.7 in.)

Instructions for use
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7095.000 284.32 USD



Wavecontroller 7092 fitted with a membrane terminal is a control unit to be used on all Turbelle® pumps with electronic motor, and can synchronously or alternately control two Turbelle® pumps:
Wave simulation by setting the two pump outputs to maximum and minimum values as well as the pulse time.
Oscillating flow for the direct or reciprocal operation of the Wavebox.
Oscillating flow with Turbelle® pump for the operation of Turbelle® stream pumps.
Automatic search of the resonance frequency in case of oscillating flow.
Ramp function for a gentle start of the pumps.
Foodtimer at the touch of a button; after about eight to ten minutes, a restart is carried out automatically.
If the Photo-Electric Cell 7094.05 (not included in the scope of delivery) is attached to the connecting port, the night-mode operation is activated automatically.

Instructions for use
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7092.000 79.89 USD

Turbelle庐 stream Kit TS24

Turbelle庐 stream Kit TS24

= 2 pumps Turbelle® stream 6105
with 2x13,000 l/h, (2x3,170 USgal.)
+ Multicontroller 7095
For aquariums of 500 - 3,000L (132 - 792.5 USgal.), wave simulation, foodtimer, operation in night mode, sequential pump circuit and tide simulation.

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TS24 854.33 USD

Turbelle庐 stream Kit TS48

Turbelle庐 stream Kit TS48

= 4 pumps Turbelle® stream 6105
with 4x 13,000 l/h, (4x3,170 USgal.)
+ Multicontroller 7095
For aquariums of 1,000 - 6,000L (264.1 - 1,585 USgal.), wave simulation, foodtimer, operation in night mode, sequential pump circuit and tide simulation.

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TS48 1,424.21 USD



The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 can be used for controlling all Turbelle® pumps featuring electronic motors. The controller is configurable and can be programmed using a computer with USB connectivity. It features a 8-Bit high-performance microprocessor with memory maintaining the settings in the case of a power failure:
For setup by means of a computer, the Multicontroller does not have to be connected to the pumps.
Upon completion and saving of the set-up on the computer, the data will also be saved in the Multicontroller.
The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 features the functions of Multicontroller 7095 and Wavecontroller 7092 as well as some new control options. It simulates the different ocean current conditions in the aquarium and features a particularly bright LED moonlight.
Scope of supply: Multicontroller with photocell / moonlight and holder, 5m USB cable, 4 connecting cables, CD with Windows-compatible control software.
Can be used with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Mac.
Dimensions: L120 x W31 x H56mm

Instructions for use

 Instructions for use: Deutsch, English, Francais

 Instructions for use: Italiano, Espanol, 袪校小小袣袠袡

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7096.000 172.60 USD
Example: Screen display of Multicontroller 7096 for Wavebox 6215 and two Turbelle庐 stream 6105.

Example: Screen display of Multicontroller 7096 for Wavebox 6215 and two Turbelle庐 stream 6105.

Accessories (order separately)

Y adapter

Y adapter

Extends two output connections to 2 x 2 input connections; including 4 connection cables 7092.30.

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7092.340 56.33 USD

Photo-electric cell

Photo-electric cell

Enables the night mode operation with Singlecontroller 7091 and Wavecontroller 7092. This is a standard feature of the Multicontroller 7095/7096.

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7094.050 17.75 USD

TUNZE Safeguard

TUNZE Safeguard

Hidden installation of the many cables of an aquarium system, ideal in combination with multiple outlet strips, multicontrollers. Features cable openings on both sides, made from flame retardant synthetic material.
L237 x W131 x H117mm, white.

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7096.600 74.56 USD

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