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Czech Republic

Cancellation policy

These conditions apply to ultimate consumers only, and not to commercial buyers or dealers.

Right of revocation

You may revoke your contractual acceptance without a statement of reasons by text form (such as letter, facsimile, e-mail) or by returning the merchandise within a matter of two weeks.
The revocation period shall commence after the receipt of this cancellation policy in text form. The revocation period shall be met if the revocation notice or the merchandise has been shipped prior to the deadline.
The revocation shall have to be sent to the subsidiary in your country (see contacts).


Consequences of revocation

In the event of effective revocation, the services received by either party shall be returned and any benefits (such as interest) that may have been accrued shall be released. If you are not able to return the merchandise in whole or in partial or deteriorated condition only, you shall be obligated to compensate us in this respect, if and when necessary.
Merchandise that can be sent by parcel may be returned at our risk. Merchandise that cannot be sent by parcel will be collected from your premises. Obligations for returning payments shall have to be fulfilled within a period of thirty days.
For you the period shall commence with the dispatch of the revocation notice or of the merchandise; for us the period shall commence with the receipt of the said.

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