Turbelle® masterstream 6550

Turbelle® masterstream 6550

For aquariums >5,000 liters (1,320 USgal.).
Flow rate: 30,000 to approx. 50,000 l/h
(7,900 to approx. 13,000 USgal./h)
Flow velocity: 0.8 - 1.3 m/s (31.5" - 51"/sec.)
Energy consumption: max. 110 W
Power supply unit: 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 12V DC
Cable length: 10 m (393.6")
Dimensions (L x W x H): 340 x 165 x 227 mm (13.4" x 6.5" x 8.9")
Output: ø125 mm (4.9")
Attachment to pipe, ø32 mm (1.3")

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TUNZE® Turbelle® masterstream 
... it streams in the shadows

TUNZE® Turbelle® masterstream ... it streams in the shadows

The Turbelle® masterstream pumps are intended for the high-performance propeller pump market segment, and primarily predetermined for an implementation in experience zoos, research institutes, rehabilitation clinics and fish or algae farms. We also offer a version for aquarists who operate large aquariums and require a strong as well as wide flow rate for their reef tanks. Turbelle® masterstream pumps are designed to provide a maximum degree of efficiency, combined with a low energy consumption. Thanks to the extra-low safety voltage of the electronic TUNZE® PM motor, the pumps will operate at a pleasant noise level even at peak performance, while consuming significantly less power for the same output compared to conventional water pumps.

Turbelle® masterstream

Turbelle® masterstream

Controllable performance
The Turbelle® masterstream pumps are electronically speed-controlled by Turbelle® Controller / Multicontroller / SmartController 7000. They can be used ideally for water circulation, wave action or wave-and-tide simulations.

A 12 V version for swimming pools
Model 6560 in 12 V technology and a flow rate of 60,000 l/h (15,850 USgal./h) has been designed especially for swimming pools or large aquariums.

100% corrosion-resistant
All parts of the pumps are made of ASA, POM and adjuvant enriched PA6.6. PU coated cable; the motor axle is made of titanium alloy; the motor and the electronics are cast in polyurethane (PU) resin.

No external control
The pump control is integrated completely in the motor block ensuring a low-maintenance operation with high efficiency and ideal water cooling. All Turbelle® masterstream pumps only require one external power supply unit or safety connector with a corresponding direct-current source (battery, solar cell, et cetera).

No problem in case of power failure
Fitted with Safety Connector 6515.500, Turbelle® masterstream can be operated on every 11 V to 24 V direct-current source (battery, solar cell). The safety connector permits normal operation with the TUNZE® power supply unit, but in case of a power failure it will automatically switch over to a battery or a direct-current source.

Turbelle® masterstream

Turbelle® masterstream

A small sample calculation using Turbelle® masterstream 6580 (80 m³/h (21 USgal./h) – 420 W) reveals that energy efficient water movement results in enormous cost effectiveness:
Tank volume: 60 m³ (15.9 USgal.), flow selection by centrifugal pump (32 m³/h (8.5 USgal./h) – 2,200 W). At an annual operating time of 8,760 hours and a kilowatt price of 13 pence / US$ 0.30 this results in a cost saving of about 2,027 £ / US$ 4,655 per annum.

Electronically controllable synchronous motor pumps

Electronically controllable synchronous motor pumps

An intelligent and innovative micro-processor...

controlled PM motor operating on safety extra-low voltage of 12 V to 24 V is the core of the Turbelle® masterstream.

Propeller technology

100% sea-water proof, titanium and...


What is it that makes the Turbelle® propeller pump so special?

What is it that makes the Turbelle® propeller pump so special?

Very silent operation
Special synthetic or magnetic bearings and the Silence holder included as standard enable very silent operation.
Flexible 3D adjustment
Unlike other pumps, the Turbelle® provides important flexibility regarding positioning and direction of the water jet. The water jet can be directed in such a way that a long distance in the aquarium is covered, producing an efficient current at low power consumption.
Large intake surface
The big intake strainer prevents early soiling and protects the animals against being sucked in.
High-performance motors with eco-energetic concept offer very high efficiency at very low maintenance requirements and power consumption.
Controllable performance
The safety extra low voltage, electronic speed-control Turbelle® is ideal for use in any aquarium with wave or high/low tide simulation. Its intelligent microprocessor-controlled motor together with Multicontroller or SmartController 7000 make an invincible team.
With Magnet holder as a standard
The Turbelle®, as a standard accessory, features a magnet holder for easy fixing anywhere on the aquarium pane.
Power failure – no problem
The electronic speed control Turbelle® can be operated by any 10 V to 24 V DC supply (battery, solar cells) using the Safety Connector. The Safety Connector enables normal operation using the TUNZE® power supply and will switch to a battery or DC supply automatically in the case of a power failure.

Hose clamps for attachment to...

PVC pipe or rod, ø32 mm (1.3").

The pump housing is used...

as a huge intake strainer; the suction area is 3.95 times larger than the discharge area. The Turbelle® masterstream needs no additional intake strainer.

Performance propeller with low rotational...

speed and axle made of titanium alloy.

Flow rectifier, ø125 mm (4.9")...

with integrated protection against injury in keeping with European standard EN 60335-1.

Corrosion-resistant screws with nuts.

Energy Saving

Low motor heat

2D adjustment

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Safety Connector

Safety Connector

enables normal operation using the TUNZE® power supply and will switch to a battery or DC supply automatically in the case of a power failure.

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Magnet Holder masterstream

Magnet Holder masterstream

(patent No. 20 2005 003 170) is especially designed for the attachment of Turbelle® masterstream up to a glass thickness of 30 mm (1 1/8").
It consists of three linked...

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Power Supply Box

Power Supply Box

Control box in keeping with protection standard IP33 (IEC 60529): Protected against solid foreign matter over a diameter of 2.5 mm (.09") and against spray water which is sprayed at...

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