RO station

RO station

100-200 liters / day (26-53 USgal.) at 3-6 bar (40-85 PSI) and 15-25°C (59-77°F).
TUNZE® RO Station 8550 is a high-quality reverse osmosis unit used to produce pure water. In aquarism it is especially suitable for marine and fresh-water aquariums. RO Station 8550 consists of a 5 µm sediment filter, a 1 µm carbon sediment filter, and a TFC membrane (polysulfone compound). The average retention rate is 98%, the share of pure water amounts to 20 - 25% of the processed water.

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Reverse osmosis is a natural...

and environmentally friendly process used to remove dissolved salts and impurities safely from the water by physical methods only.

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Sediment filter 5 µm
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Sediment filter 20 µm
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RO permeate pump

RO permeate pump

Pump 8550.700 does not require any connection to a power supply unit as it is operated exclusively by the hydraulic pressure of the waste water produced by the reverse osmosis...

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