Turbelle® Propeller Technology

What is it that makes the Turbelle® propeller pump so special?

Very silent operation

Special synthetic or magnetic bearings and the Silence holder included as standard enable very silent operation.

Flexible 3D adjustment

Unlike other pumps, the Turbelle® provides important flexibility regarding positioning and direction of the water jet. The water jet can be directed in such a way that a long distance in the aquarium is covered, producing an efficient current at low power consumption.

Large intake surface

The big intake strainer prevents early soiling and protects the animals against being sucked in.


High-performance motors with eco-energetic concept offer very high efficiency at very low maintenance requirements and power consumption.

Controllable performance

The safety extra low voltage, electronic speed-control Turbelle® is ideal for use in any aquarium with wave or high/low tide simulation. Its intelligent microprocessor-controlled motor together with Multicontroller or SmartController 7000 make an invincible team.

With Magnet holder as a standard

The Turbelle®, as a standard accessory, features a magnet holder for easy fixing anywhere on the aquarium pane.

Power failure – no problem

The electronic speed control Turbelle® can be operated by any 10 V to 24 V DC supply (battery, solar cells) using the Safety Connector. The Safety Connector enables normal operation using the TUNZE® power supply and will switch to a battery or DC supply automatically in the case of a power failure.

In addition to the lighting conditions, the current flow is the most important parameter within the aquarium, especially for saltwater biotopes. The following examples explain which flow situations can be found in different reef zones, and how they can be reproduced with Turbelle® flow systems.
The recommended combinations are suitable for aquariums from approx. 200 to 2,000 liters (from 52 to 528 USgal.). Further recommendations, specific examples, or recommendations for freshwater biotopes can also be found on our website in the TUNZE® configurator section at www.tunze.com, or they can be requested by email.

Beach zone / algal zone

Medium-strong and gentle oscillating current. This sandy zone is frequently inhabited by algae and anemones.
TUNZE® current: Wavebox or Turbelle® nanostream® / stream in wave mode with circular current of the filter pump.

Cross-over zone / micro atolls

Average current with small waves; high tide and low tide slightly noticeable. This zone contains the first coral formations.
TUNZE® current: Wavebox or Turbelle® nanostream® / stream in wave mode with Multi-controller/ SmartController 7000 or 2 Turbelle® nanostream® / stream with Multicontroller/ SmartController 7000.

Inner reef edge

Stronger current influenced by tidal action, but low lapping of waves. Illumination is very important in this zone and produces magnificent growth of corals.
TUNZE® current: Wavebox or Turbelle® nanostream® / stream in wave mode plus Turbelle® nanostream® / stream with Multicontroller / SmartController 7000 or only 2 Turbelle® nanostream® / stream with Multicontroller/SmartController 7000.

Reef top

Strong current influenced by tidal action and breaking of waves. The growth of coral is very dense in this zone.
TUNZE® current: Wavebox with operation in night mode plus two Turbelle® nanostream®/ stream / masterstream with Multicontroller/SmartController 7000 or Turbelle® stream
with Turbelle® e-jet with Multicontroller/SmartController 7000 or two Turbelle® masterstream with Multicontroller / SmartController 7000.

Outer reef edge

Zone of the reef with the strongest current - wave motion and illumination are very intensive. Acropora coral polyps, favia corals, porites hard corals thrive especially well in this zone.
TUNZE® current: Wavebox or Turbelle® nanostream® / stream in wave mode plus 2 Turbelle® stream with Multicontroller / SmartController 7000 or 2 Turbelle® masterstream with Multicontroller/SmartController 7000.

Outer reef slope

Strong current with slight waves and high illumination. The variety of species and the number of hard corals is very high.
TUNZE® current: Turbelle® nanostream® / stream / masterstream with Multi-controller/SmartController 7000.

Forereef slope

Deeper zone of the reef with parallel current lines. Plankton eating species mainly inhabit this zone.
TUNZE® current: Turbelle® nanostream® / stream in permanent operation, without waves, reduced to lower output.

Turbelle® Propeller Technology