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Software - Tunze

Software Downloads

SmartController 7000

Multicontroller 7097

For a software update, please download the following file:

Multicontroller 7096


For a software update, please download the following zipped file: update 7096 . After unzipping the file, please run CD_start.exe.

Version (Windows) – since May 15, 2012 with the following innovations:

Foodtimer – modified function:
If the Foodtimer button is pressed again, the feeding pause can be aborted.


Can be used with Win8



- since Aug.01.2011 

Additional applications at "pulse only"

"ramp" - Setting of a time-delayed start by speed delay. Produces a low-noise gentle start of the pump.

"random flow" - Upon activation, a random alternating pulse frequency is used in a range of 0.5 to 3 seconds.


Additional applications at "interval" and "sequential"

"min. flow for switched off pumps"- The circulation pumps are not switched on and off alternately, but the pumps are set variably between a selectable output and the minimum output (30 per cent).