Spectral Controller X
Spectral Controller X

Spectral Controller X

The intuitive Kessil Spectral Controller X for Kessil A360X LEDs and all the 0~10V Kessil lights is equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid color display. The Spectral Controller X offers effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options without the confusion. The sleek, modern design ensures a beautiful and cohesive setup that won't disrupt the look of your aquarium.
- The K-Link communication method is an upgrade of the easily plug & play 0~10V, allowing users to network multiple A360X together (up to 32 fixtures per chain) and set individual groups to run their own programs. K-Link is also a two-way communication, meaning the Spectral Controller X can detect the number of lights in the network, the status of the lights, etc.
- The controller is equipped with one K-Link port and one 0~10V output port. The K-Link port allows users to connect to the A360X, while the 0~10V port is for Kessil’s 0~10V light fixture. A USB power adapter (not included) is needed when using the Spectral Controller X for 0~10V lights.
- The Program Mode features three ways of setting a customized light schedule to match individual tank needs. A maximum of 12 programs can be created.
- Using the Quick Set Mode, it is possible to create unique dawn and dusk effects by altering light intensity and color throughout eight different time points.
- The Acclimation Mode simplifies the introduction of new lights to a tank or new corals to an existing setup with acclimation mode. The acclimation timeline can be customized to suit specific needs.
- The Lunar Cycle simulates natural moonlight cycles with 5 phases: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, Waxing Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full moon.
- With the Manual Mode you can instantly tune color and intensity for on demand light customization.

Technical Specifications:
Weight: 0.26 lb / 120 g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.6" x 2.5" x 0.56" (142 x 63 x 14 mm)

Scope of delivery:
1x Spectral Controller X
1x Magnetic Back Plate
1x Micro USB Cable
1x K-Link Cable (10 feet / 3 m)
2x Screws
2x Nylon Anchor

USB power adapter
0~10V Unit Link Cable for 0~10V lights

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99.00 USD


As a leading company in aquaristics since 1960, TUNZE® Aquarientechnik is delighted  about the cooperation with the pioneering market leader in biotope illumination DiCon - Kessil®.

As a leading company in aquaristics since 1960, TUNZE® Aquarientechnik is delighted about the cooperation with the pioneering market leader in biotope illumination DiCon - Kessil®.

For a quarter of a century, DiCon has specialized in making products that direct high-speed laser beams into miniscule, hair size fiber optic cables for the telecom, defense/military, and biomedical sectors.
In the early 2000's, DiCon realized the transition to LEDs was imminent and invested heavily in the technology. As a result, three new business units were created.
DiCon LED pushes the forefront of this movement with its proprietary high density LED array, and DiCon Lighting applies the platform in lighting fixtures for the architectural and entertainment industries.
Specializing in the field of biotope illumination, Kessil®'s story begins in the San Francisco Bay Area, the epicenter of the indoor growing industry. 
The innovative ideas and specific experiences of three UC Berkeley graduates and their cooperation with DiCon in various projects were the basis for the foundation of Kessil®. In early 2009, the graduates presented their business proposal to DiCon's management team who accepted the plan right away. The three founders put things into action and defined the initial business direction, designed the first generation prototypes, and performed a few basic experiments. DiCon also invested heavily and provided resources such as a large space for Kessil®'s plant research lab and creating dense matrix LEDs with a variety of spectrums. Kessil®'s staff includes DiCon's top optics experts and senior product designers. 
Today, each of DiCon's business divisions are recognized leaders in their respective fields, designing and manufacturing quality products with differentiating technology, advancing photonics knowledge through continuous research, and building customer relations with consistently first-rate service.
We are delighted to now supplement our own range of high-quality LED lights for aquariums with Kessil® LEDs. TUNZE® Aquarientechnik develops and produces highly specialized LED luminaires in PU resin for IP 68 security, that can be used both above and as the only supplier on the market under the water surface in the aquarium. Underwater use results in a significant increase in performance and minimization of electrical losses. Like the TUNZE® pump technology, TUNZE® LEDs are an impressive example of how modern technology and contemporary design in the aquarium can be turned into art.
The symbiosis between the two strong companies Kessil® and TUNZE® offers you the best selection of innovative lighting technology for aquariums and natural biotopes.

What means "Kessil®"?

“K” is for Kelvin, the unit for color temperature.

“E” is for emission of light from an LED.

“SS” derives from carbon capture and stands for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. With a little trick, "ss" was made out of it.

“I” is for intensity from the Dense Matrix LED

“L” stands for Lambda, the unit for wavelength / spectrum. Kessil® creates very efficient and unique spectrums.

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